Fortnite Battle Royale No Show 5-Pack

Type: Socks
Let's Drop Fun! Help your favorite Fortnite gamer fan pull off a victory royale with these fun Fortnite Battle Royale 5-Pack socks! Five pairs in each set provide variety and excitement with each pair featuring different colors and Fortnite characters: Loot Llama, Boogie Bomb and GG Smiley! These socks will add smiles and swagger to your Fortnite fan's feet as they rip it up to the hottest dance moves in their game! Whether it's with the Floss, the Robot, or the Rocket Rodeo, the best players love to express themselves on and off the battlefield with a little jig and these Fortnite Battle Royale 5-pack socks add just the right style!
  • GREAT VALUE - These Fortnite Battle Royale sock sets are a great value. These no show style sock sets feature a variety of colors. They contain ribbed-knit cuffs and reinforced heels and toes. There are 5 pairs in each set. Pick a different color or character for each day! These socks are comfortable, fun, and affordable!
  • SIZING - These awesome novelty no show style Fortnite Battle Royale socks come in sock sizes Medium and Large. Sock size Medium (6-8) fits shoe size shoe size 10 M US Little Kid - 4 M US Big Kid and sock size Large (9-11) fits shoe size 4 M US Big Kid -10 M US Women's (4 M US Big Kid - 8.5 M US Men's).
  • FEATURING THEIR FAVORITE GAMING FORTNITE CHARACTERS - This five pack sock set features graphics of your gamer's favorite Fortnite Battle Royale characters: Loot Llama, Boogie Bomb and GG Smiley! It's the perfect sock choice for any day!
  • PRODUCT CARE - Caring for these socks is easy. Wash them in cold water. These socks sets are imported.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT! - Fortnite Battle Royale sock sets make the perfect gift. Why? They are well constructed, feature epic gamer graphics, and are very affordable. It's the perfect sock set for any Fortnite Battle Royale fan as they show off their sweet moves dance moves!
  • MSRP $26.00